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How Do I Contact My Community Office?

Community Centers and Self-help

Earhart Community Center & Self-help
Servicing Earhart, Onizuka Village and Bellows neighborhoods
210 Kokomalei Street, Honolulu, HI 96819
Tel: 808 853 3790
Fax: 808 423 2301


Ka Makani Community Center & Self-help
Servicing Hale Na Koa and Officer Field neighborhoods
1215 Owen Street, Honolulu, HI 96818
Tel: 808 853 3791
Fax: 808 423 2301

Where Can I Find the Latest Community News and Events?

Be in the know! Follow the latest news about what’s happening in and around your neighborhood in the latest issue of the Na Hui ‛Ohana Newsletter


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Hickam Communities Quarterly Town Hall
Join Hickam Communities for our next Town Hall on February 19 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. More information can be found in the Na Hui ‛Ohana Newsletter.


Slides from HC’s September 17th Town Hall:
Hickam Communities
Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)


Calendar of Events
Check out our monthly Calendar of Events to see all the fun activities happening in your community!

Where Can I Find the Rules and Regulations for My Community?

Policies, guidelines and resources can be found in Hickam Communities Resident Guide.

Are There Special Safety Features or Tips about My Home or in My Community I Should Know?

We put together a short safety video addressing fire, child, water and neighborhood safety. We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch the video.

Are Pets Allowed at Hickam Communities?

Yes, we gladly welcome four-legged family members at Hickam Communities. Please see our Pet Policy for more information, including breed restrictions.

Can I Operate a Business from My Home?

Yes, provided that a written request to operate a home-based business is submitted to your community center and approved. Complete and submit the Residential Business Form. Please also refer to Section 8 of your Resident Lease Agreement, which also outlines the following clause: “No door-to-door soliciting will be allowed, no advertising signs shall be posted on the Unit, and no interior or exterior structural modifications or additions shall be made to accommodate tenant’s residential business. Tenants are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions and/or licenses and will indemnify, save, and hold harmless Landlord for any failures to obtain the necessary permissions and or licenses for and any damages to third parties arising from the conduct of the tenant’s business.

Are Guests Allowed to Stay Overnight in My Home?

Yes. Please notify your respective community center in writing of all guests staying with you for more than 7 days but less than 29 days. No guest or visitor may stay in your home for more than 30 days without the expressed written consent of Hickam Communities. Requests for guests staying for more than 30 days are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with any deployment and installation policies.


How Do I Report a Maintenance Issue?

If you are experiencing a maintenance issue in your home, contact the Maintenance Solution Center (MSC) at (808) 423-1650 as soon as possible. For routine service requests, you may also submit your maintenance request online

With the MSC, you can expect: 

  • Upgraded call handling and customer experience
  • US-based representatives with strong facilities knowledge
  • New call back feature offered to avoid wait times
  • Appointment notifications and reminders
  • Superior response and specialized technician assignments
Our experienced customer service agents are available for 14-hours each weekday to assist you with routine, urgent and emergency service requests. When a request occurs on a weekend or after hours, your MSC call will be handled by an automated after-hours service that puts you in direct contact with the technician who will be responding to your urgent or emergency request. Click here for more information on the MSC. 

Don’t forget to download the RentCafé Resident App and enable notifications to receive an alert when the maintenance technician is on their way to your home!

Are any items available for pick-up by residents?

We are pleased to offer residents a convenient Self-Help option for replacement items for your home. Our team looks forward to helping you with your Self-Help item needs at all community center office locations listed at the top of this page. For your convenience and safety, Self-Help item delivery is also available and encouraged. Please contact your community center office at the number listed at number listed at the top of this page to schedule a delivery. Delivery service is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8am and 5pm. 

Items available include:

  • HVAC filters
  • Light bulbs (contact us for type availability)
  • Refrigerator water filters
  • Vertical blind slats/louvers
  • Batteries for garage door remote and smoke detectors
  • Grass seed

Home Alterations & Care

How Do I Submit Requests to Alter My Home?

Hickam Communities allows some home modifications. For information on the approved colors for paint modifications, please review our Paint Policy.

Should you choose to install a satellite dish, review and complete the Satellite Dish Request form and return it with the required documents to your community center.

For other modification requests, please contact your community center.

Are There Any Special Cleaning/Maintenance Procedures for My Historic Home?

Hickam Communities has a number of historic or "legacy" homes that require special cleaning/maintenance procedures. Please review Hickam Communities Historic Housing District Guide

I'll Be out of Town for a While. Is There Anyone Who Can Keep an Eye on My House?

We'd be happy to keep an eye on your home! Please complete a Resident Absence Notification form and submit it to your community center.

Refuse, Recycle & Landscaping

What’s the Schedule for Refuse, Recycling and Bulk Pick-up?

Click here for the current schedule.

When is Landscaping Service Scheduled?

Click here for Hickam Communities' modified Labor Day schedule.

Weather Preparedness

Be Prepared! Hurricane Season Is June 1 - November 30.

Hurricane season is upon us! Make sure your family is prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes. Download our Hurricane Brochure for important information and resources.


Understanding Utilities and Solar Energy at Hickam Communities

Conserving our valuable resources through reduced energy consumption contributes to our nation’s security and readiness and enables us to better support our military and their families. The Office of the Secretary of Defense established policy to strive for energy efficiency in Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing, and for PPV residents to be responsible for utility usage. The Department of the Air Force, in conjunction with its PPV partners, is implementing the Air Force Utility Allowance program (UA) across its bases, including Hickam Communities. Please take some time to learn more about the UA program, and know what your family can do to support this important initiative.

A message from Col. D.E. Pierce, Deputy Commander, JBPHH. 

To better understand the program, review the Air Force Q&A for its Utility Allowance Program as well as the Frequently Asked Questions, which provide more information about the Air Force program at Hickam Communities.

Click here to view the UA Profile Summary for Hickam Communities.

View a video outlining the Air Force Utility Allowance Program. 

Where Can I Learn More about the Air Force Utility Allowance Program?

A message from Col. D.E. Pierce, Deputy Commander, JBPHH.

Customer Service and Additional Resources

Schedule a "Know Load" in-home inspection by calling:

Earhart Community: 808 853 3790
Hale Na Koa Community: 808 853 3791

Or contact Christina Vicari at 808 853 3754 or

For more information about your daily usage and energy consumption statements, contact Minol’s customer service support:

Inquiries via email:
Inquiries via telephone: 888-636-0493

Energy Conservation Resources

Save Energy & Money/Household Tips & Resources

Departing Residents

I'm moving out. What now?

Our goal is to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Check out our Resources for Departing Residents page for important information and details on the move-out process.

Common Questions

Is Renter’s Insurance Mandatory?

Renter’s insurance is not required; however, we encourage residents to obtain insurance to cover damage to or loss of personal property. Please take a moment to review our Renter’s Insurance Notification.

Provide Feedback

Tell Us How We're Doing!

Our team is committed to providing you with great customer service and community programs. Feedback you provide through SatisFacts surveys help us make improvements that are important to you. Click here to provide us with feedback about services received from our leasing, maintenance, and community teams. We also encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions to improve services and enhance community activities and programs.

Tenant Bill of Rights / Tenant Responsibilities

Click here to view a copy of the Tenant Bill of Rights.
Click here to view a copy of the Tenant Responsibilities.

Resident Advocate

Resident Advocate

Every Air Force Base with privatized housing has a Resident Advocate. The Resident Advocate assists military members and their families residing in privatized housing in developing solutions to unresolved problems, concerns and needs. They will provide consultation on landlord/tenant disputes and take a proactive approach to ensure the concerns of military members and their families regarding privatized housing are addressed and elevated to the appropriate levels within the chain of command.

The Housing Liaison or Resident Advocate can be contacted at:
Military Housing Liaison
Military Housing Office
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Bldg 6500
Office: 808-448-6883

Dispute Resolution Process

What is the process to escalate a concern related to my home or community?

Informal Dispute Resolution Process – All Residents
Hickam Communities takes resident concerns very seriously and desires to address and resolve any issues in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Click here to view a copy of our informal dispute resolution process as well as key points of contact available to assist you with your concerns.

Formal Dispute Resolution Process – Active Duty Residents
Our vision is to provide outstanding communities where military families live, work, and thrive. If you do not feel your concerns have been effectively addressed in a timely manner through the informal dispute resolution process above, a formal dispute resolution process which involves the Military Housing Office and the Installation Command has been outlined in Schedule 3 of the NDAA Universal Lease for Active Duty residents. To view the details of this program available for you or to begin the process, click here.

Click here to view the Department of The Air Force SAF/IEI Guidance for the Universal Lease and Dispute Resolution Process for Privatized Military Housing. This memo outlines the detailed process for Air Force locations.

We are committed to providing an exceptional resident experience while you call Hickam Communities home. Please reach out to your community office with any questions or to escalate a concern related to your home or community.