Water Quality Update


We are Here for You

Hickam Communities is excited to have our residents returning to their homes. Our team was proud to support our residents during the water quality resolution process through communication efforts, supplying weekly water cases, meal pickups, and more. Updates can still be found on our website and https://www.cpf.navy.mil/JBPHH-Water-Updates.



Primary Resource: Please visit https://www.cpf.navy.mil/JBPHH-Water-Updates or contact the JBPHH Emergency Operation Center at any of the numbers below: 

  • (808) 449-1979
  • (808) 448-3262
  • (808) 448-2557
  • (808) 448-2570
  • (808) 448-2583

Residents with additional questions or concerns may contact Hickam Communities at (888) 329-4758.

*Information provided as of April 2022.