Transportation Information

Log into using the new program DPS (Defense Personal Property System) to set up your PCS move.  Everything will be done electronically and you can track your move online by accessing your DPS account once it is set up by the member or agent with Power of Attorney (POA).

Retiring or separating from the military?
If you are retiring or separating from the military (AF personnel only), you will need to make an appointment to see a counselor at JPPSO to arrange for your move.

Local Moves
Personal Property Division
Building 2652, Room 211 of the Navy Aloha Center
4825 Bougainville Drive
Honolulu, HI 96818
Tel 808.473.7782

For local moves, Personally Procured Moves (PPM), storage of excess household goods for Service members residing on base (Housing Drayage), at Hickam AFB, or if you are deploying and need to store your household goods, you can walk-in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 0730, and Wednesday after 0900 to expedite your move.

Required Documents

• If you are retiring, PCS’ing, separating from the military for household goods, provide 1 copy of official orders.

PPMs, formerly known as Do-It-Yourself-Moves

• 1 copy of official orders or, if applicable, drayage document from Hickam Housing Management Office.

Deployment, Local moves, Local NTS (Non-Temporary Storage) of excess household goods

• 4 copies of the drayage document from Hickam Housing Management Office.

Extension of Local Temporary Storage of Household Goods Requests (Ref U5375-B2, JFTR)

• DD FM 1857 Memo Request
• Deployment Letter on Command Letterhead (if applicable)
• 1 copy of PCS Orders to Hawaii

Note: Storage in Transit request for an extension will not normally be approved if adequate quarters were offered by either Hickam or Pearl Harbor Housing Offices.

Extension of Local NTS Requests

• 1 copy of order or extension authorization supporting extension time frame and NTS Request Memo.

Shipment Management Division
Building 2652, Room 106 of the Navy Aloha Center
4825 Bougainville Drive
Honolulu, HI 96818
Tel 808.473.7760

Outbound (household goods and unaccompanied baggage), Non-Temporary Storage, or Local Moves

• If not contacted by a Transportation Service Provider (TSP) prior to your pack/pickup date, contact JPPSO for booking information. 

Inbound (household goods and unaccompanied baggage)

• Contact your TSP to coordinate your delivery.  Log into to perform the following: find out who your TSP is, obtain shipment status and weight, enter your delivery address, and update your contact information.

QA, Vendor, Storage Management Division
Building 2652, Room 106 of the Navy Aloha Center
4825 Bougainville Drive
Honolulu, HI 96818
Tel 808.473.7725 or or
Government Moves
PCS’ing, Separating, Retiring, Local move or local NTS
Contact JPPSO HI- Quality Assurance (QA) if you are experiencing any problems or questions during your move.

TLA Departure Brief

Air Force Service members will process departure TLA with the Housing Management Office (HMO) located at 200 Kokomalei Street, Building 6500 (in the same office as Hickam Communities) prior to departure.  Please call 808-448-0856/6887 to schedule an appointment to process your TLA.  The TLA period upon departure should not exceed the last 10 days before the day the member departs the PDS in compliance with their PCS orders.  A member who retires/separates, stays in the PDS area, and then moves at a later date, or moves to an OCONUS HOR/HOS location by the member, is not eligible for TLA.  Household goods must be picked up prior to start of TLA.  Reference Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) Chapter 9, Station Allowances

 Service Member must check in with the designated transient lodging, NGIS Royal Alaka`i, located at 15-G Street, Building 1153, Hickam Field (808-260-1200/448-5974/448-5962) prior to making any lodging arrangements.  If there is no availability, Service Member must contact the Navy Lodge at Ford Island (808-440-2290).  If they do not have availability, they will be issue a Non-Availability Lodging Form and you must stay in a TLA approved hotel to get properly reimbursed TLA.  A list of these hotels can be provided by the HMO.  Please ensure you receive the Non-Availability Lodging Form prior to the start of your TLA, these forms CANNOT be backdated.  Vacation rentals ARE NOT authorized.  The HMO will provide a hotel room tax exemption letter for TLA personnel.  Please ensure you check the rate of the lodging to ensure it does not exceed your authorized allowance.   

 Finance requires an itemized daily receipt for proper reimbursement (no online receipts).  Payment will be made to the Service Member on the 1st or mid-month pay.  Service Member and command sponsored family members will receive reimbursement for lodging and a per diem for meals each day.  The HMO will take all departing TLA documents to Finance daily on a transmittal letter.

  Documents required for Departure TLA (Up to 10 days):

  • PCS, ETS, Retirement Orders (Command Sponsored family members

                  must be listed to receive TLA)  Two Copies

  • Flight itinerary (late departure authorized for flights departing after


  • Non-availability Lodging Form from the Navy Lodge (if applicable)
  • Paid itemized daily hotel receipt


MEALS ONLY TLA:  Service Member and command sponsored family member are authorized TLA for meals only when staying with a friend or relative.  Lodging expenses are not allowed while staying with friends/relatives.

APRIL 2015


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